QuantStudio 12k Flex Real-Time

QuantStudio 12k Flex Real-Time (RT-PCR)

The QuantStudio 12k Flex Real-Time PCR (RT-PCR) System is the gold standard in Clinical Laboratories for high throughput analysis of molecular pathogens. The QuantStudio 12k flex Real-Time PCR (RT-PCR) System is able to streamline workflows with a high throughput. While achieving maximum throughput with minimal resources, the QuantStudio 12k is an essential instrument for any COVID-19 laboratory.

The QuantStudio 12k is not limited to merely COVID-19 testing. With SNP genotyping, gene expression analysis, and digital PCR technology, the QuantStudio 12k is able to provide Kai Medical the opportunity to do perform detailed analysis of COVID-19 samples that other instruments are limited by.

With its ease of use, high throughput, and superior technology, the QuantStudio 12k provides Kai Medical with state-of-the-art technology to address any problems and provide numerous solutions for the laboratory industry.

Cobas 6000

Cobas 6000

The Roche Cobas 6000 analyzer has been a fixture in clinical laboratory science for decades. The Cobas 6000 provides Kai Medical the ability to perform a multitude of Clinical Chemistry and Immunoassay with quick turnaround times. By providing a standardized, reliable, and scalable option for laboratories, the Cobas 6000 helps Kai Medical perform a comprehensive and wide-ranging number of analytes that can help healthcare providers gain a better understanding of a patient’s overall wellness, but can also help to treat and diagnose a variety of illnesses and disorders.

KingFisher Flex

KingFisher Flex

The KingFisher Flex liquid handling instrument is used to automate the process of RNA extraction from specimens that have been collected prior to analysis. The simplicity of this instrument allows quick preparation of samples, but also ease of use to minimize errors in a very detailed process. Because this automation process can eliminate several hours of tedious and focus-intensive sample preparation, the KingFisher Flex is a key instrument in a high throughput laboratory to increase turnaround times and decrease errors.


Mass Spectrometry Triple Quad 4500/6500

Kai Medical Laboratory performs both screening and confirmation for urine toxicology using LC-MS/MS testing. These assays were developed, validated, and performed as two separate assays. Performing screening on LC-MS/MS, Kai Medical Laboratory can screen for a much wider variety of analytes and their metabolites than is typical for an immunoassay screen. Reducing the number of false positives, as well as looking at more analytes in a sample, screening via LC-MS/MS provides better results for healthcare providers.

Kai Medical Laboratory's confirmation testing for urine toxicology utilizes industry experts to develop rugged, robust, reliable, and reproducible assay. In the sample preparation phase, Kai Medical utilizes custom made phosphate buffers, and purified enzymes to achieve complete hydrolysis of the compounds of interest. Utilizing automated sample preparation systems to minimize human error, the front-end preparation of urine samples at Kai Medical is unmatched.

Once the samples are loaded onto the instrument, Kai Medical Laboratory uses a 7-point Calibration curve and multiple levels of quality controls ran in triplicate to ensure results are accurate and the calculated result correctly reflects the levels in a patient sample.

Sysmex XN550

Sysmex XN-550

Sysmex Corporation is the global leader in clinical hematology analyzers, information systems and services. Our hematology analyzer meets the high standards clinical laboratories expect and require. Sysmex was the first company to use fluorescent flow cytometry and cell counting methods to reliably detect abnormal samples and reduce false positive results. This simplified system of analyzer operation and user interface enables laboratories of any size to implement advanced clinical and operational capabilities. An expanded parameter menu supports the lab’s evolving clinical needs while configurable modularity helps manage a lab’s workflow. Concentrated reagents and compact packaging simplify consumable inventory management, saving time and storage space.


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