Located in the heart of the medical district in Dallas, TX. Kai Medical Laboratory employs the most skilled personnel and invests heavily in the latest equipment. Our goal is to be the industry standard for healthcare providers.



Yoshi Tyler

Founder & President of Kai Medical Laboratory
*MBE Certified by Dallas/Fort Worth Minority Supplier Development Council

Yoshi is the Founder & President of Kai Medical Laboratory that is accredited as an MBE. She has over sixteen years in the healthcare industry. Yoshi’s professional experience includes leadership positions at a fortune 500 pharmaceutical company for over thirteen years. These leadership positions provided her with an in-depth knowledge of strategic planning, business management, cross-functional communication, operations management, and developing dynamic collaborative teams. Yoshi’s success as an entrepreneur supports her goals for streamlined management systems, technologies, and processes to maximize efficiency and productivity. Through highly complex laboratory services and strategic business planning, her key focus is evidence-based clinical research. Yoshi ensures quality care using superior data analytics as well as a long-term strategy to develop sustained success as industry norms change.

Lily Reynolds

Director of Operations & Project Management

Lily is the director of operations at Kai Medical Laboratory with over eleven years of medical experience. Lily leads daily laboratory operations and maintains clinical efficiencies through quality laboratory performance, executing analytical turn-around-times, tracking supply chain management, and streamlining workflow processes. She has developed and managed HIPAA compliance models, laboratory protocols, trained qualified personnel, and exemplifies quality care for Kai Medical Laboratory’s patient and client needs. Lily consistently demonstrates the ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously and budgeting time to each project to ensure work is completed on time and with accuracy. She uses a systematic approach to operations management, ensuring that complex processes within the laboratory adhere to standard operating procedures to maximize efficiency and maintain compliance.

Michael Haines

LC-MS/MS Clinical Scientist & Technical Supervisor

Michael is the LC-MS/MS clinical scientist & laboratory supervisor at Kai Medical Laboratory. He has has over seven years of CLIA, COLA, and CAP accredited laboratory experience focusing on immunoassay, urinalysis, and hematology. Michael oversees method development, method validation, instrument performance to insure top of the line laboratory testing and quality patient care. Michael’s experience evolved into a lead development role as he gained experience through his of work in the laboratory industry. Michael also plays a vital role in laboratory testing by performing market research through the Journal of Analytical Toxicology, the American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC), and attending conferences such as mass spectrometry in applied clinical laboratories (MSACL). By keeping up with the latest trends in the laboratory industry, Kai Medical Laboratory identifies new compounds and new types of testing that are beneficial to healthcare providers. Michael also has an extensive network of contacts in the laboratory industry to consult any questions that may arise as well as finding new ideas to implement into Kai Medical Laboratory. Science is always changing, keeping apprised of the latest technologies and methods are essential to keeping Kai Medical Laboratory in the forefront of laboratory testing.
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