1. Purpose

2. Scope/Responsibilities

Exhibit A

Toxicology Testing Guide

Patient provides at least 60mL of urine. Peel back sticker on cup.
Yellow vacutainer tubes will be used for all urine toxicology amino acid testing.
Place yellow vacuatiner tube inside the tube port on the collection cup. Apply pressure and hold until the vacutainer tube is full of urine.
Step 1

Label specimen tubes with:

  • Patient Last and First Name
  • Patient DOB
  • Date of Collection
Step 2

Place the following inside the clear biohazard bag:

  • Specimen tubes
  • Req form
  • Consent form
  • Patient Demographics
  • Patient Insurance Card
  • Copy of Patient ID/DL
Step 3
  • Place (1) 16 oz. ice pack at the bottom of the insulated mailer
  • Place 3-6 specimens on top of the ice pack.
  • Place another ice pack on top of the specimen
  • Put the samples into the insulated mailer, place in shipping box, and apply specific shipping label
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3

Exhibit B

Hematology Testing Guide

Hematology Collection

Exhibit D

Specimen Packaging Guide

Packaging Supplies

  • Insulated Mailer
  • 2 icepacks
  • Shipping Box
  • Shipping Label

Sample Checklist

  • Tubes Labeled Properly
  • Patient Demo’s
  • Consent Form
  • Medical Notes
  • Copy of Insurance Card
exhibit 1
exhibit 2

Packaging Guide

  • Place 1 icepack in the bottom of pack
  • Place all rolled up specimens into pack
  • Add additional ice pack
  • Close pack and puncture holes in proper areas

Shipping Specimen

  • Place Kangaroo Mailer inside of the proper shipping box
  • Peel and place the preprinted shipping label onto box
  • Your shipment is now ready for desired pick up method
exhibit 3
exhibit 4

Exhibit E

Toxicology Starter Kit

  • Biohazard Bags
  • Toxicology Cups
  • Tox Requisitions
  • How to Reqs
  • Patient Consent
  • UHC Consent
  • Shipping Labels
  • Insulated Mailers
  • Welcome Letter
  • Shipping Instructions
  • Billing Pads
  • Ice Packs
  • Yellow Vacutainers

Blood Starter Kit

  • Biohazard Bags
  • Hubs
  • Needles
  • Lavender Tubes
  • SST Tubes
  • Red Top Tubes
  • Transport Tubes
  • Tourniquet
  • Insulated Mailers
  • Ice Packs
  • Blood Requisitions
  • How to Reqs
  • Patient Consent
  • UHC Consent
  • Billing Pads Shipping
  • Labels Lab Packs
  • Reference Lab Forms


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